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April 25, 2017
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May 15, 2017
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Knowledge is Power: Getting More Involved in the Recovery Conversation

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We’ve come to live in an increasingly less certain world. Whether we’re in recovery or are just an observer of human nature, it’s become harder and harder to turn a blind eye and def ear to the issues that affect us on a daily basis. With competing financial and political interests giving way to sometimes dishonest (or at the very least deliberately ambiguous) messaging, it’s important that we know the facts whenever possible to fully understand reality. What, then, does this ongoing quest for knowledge and truth have to do with addiction treatment or anything related to the recovery conversation?

Whether any of us care to admit it or not, addiction treatment-like most things-comes down to money. The funding for rehab centers, detox beds and community support initiatives has to come from somewhere and you can be sure that if there’s someone shouting from the rooftops for more treatment funding, there will invariably be someone on the other end trying to convince us that it’s not important and why we should rally our dollars to their cause instead. One of the prime examples of this back-and-forth is the ongoing debate over healthcare and the partisan smokescreen it has created and continues to perpetuate.

When we’re ready, those of us who are in recovery should learn everything we can about the current state of addiction in our communities and our states in order to affect change. It’s important to realize that knowledge is power and power has the ability to force action. Getting access to better treatment resources and helping our friends and neighbors get the help they need begins with acquainting ourselves with the facts and making sure we understand the full scope of the substance abuse problem in our locales. Long Island has ample resources to help us roll up our sleeves and get to work. Let’s do this together.

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