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May 15, 2017
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June 14, 2017
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Look How Far We’ve Come: Recognizing Important Milestones in Recovery

Many of us are, to be frank, dragged to treatment kicking and screaming. While it’s ultimately our decision, it’s incredibly common for new patients to be skeptical, or downright obstinate, toward the rehab process. As time goes on, and we put more distance between ourselves and our past substance abuse, we regain our lucidity and perspective to see that treatment was the best thing for us. While we never want to revert to that state of existence, keeping that image of ourselves in the back of our minds can help us to appreciate how far we’ve come in our recovery and how much strength and confidence we’ve developed in our everyday lives.

Taking the time to celebrate, or at least recognize our accomplishments in recovery can make the lifelong journey fresh, new, interesting and rewarding. Whether it’s treating ourselves to a small gift to mark a sober anniversary, taking a day off every now and then to have a day just for us or using our accomplishments to help others, we should always be mindful of the progress we’re making each day. The journey or recovery is never an easy one, and we are all to be commended for our internal strength and emotional maturity each day we choose to maintain our sobriety.

Whether we choose to share our celebrations with others, mark them at a recovery meeting, tell our therapists or simply keep them to ourselves, they should not go unnoticed. The next time to we prepare to celebrate another important milestone in our recovery, we should make it as special as possible. So much of our everyday lives is tied to our daily recovery plans that we may sometimes forget what it’s all for. Taking time to appreciate our accomplishments can serve as an enduring and refreshing reminder of what we sought treatment in the first place.

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