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Our Own Resurrection: What Easter Can Remind Us about Recovery


Our Own Resurrection: What Easter Can Remind Us about Recovery

As millions of people all around the world prepare to celebrate another Easter, thoughts of rebirth and resurrection fill our heads. Regardless of where one may fall on the religious spectrum, it’s almost impossible not to associate this holiday with no beginnings. If we aren’t inclined to take its meaning literally, we can’t help but feel a sense of rebirth when spring arrives—nature simply won’t let us. The trees grow leaves and remind us of their seeming immortality; animals come out of hibernation; and everyone is eager to go outside and get a new start. Things just seem fresher around this time of year.

This holiday and this season can also remind us of our own new beginnings in recovery. Whether we relate to Christ being resurrected or to a perennial plan blooming for the first time in the season, this time of the year affords us the perfect opportunity to recognize that, like the natural world around us, we have a chance to be made new again; this is true not only in recovery, but also in everyday life. One of the realities of humanity is that none of us are perfect and most of us are constantly making mistakes, big and small.Easter

We all let the little things get to us from time to time: a fight with a loved one, financial troubles, our own insecurities, etc. Once we start letting the little things become the big things; we run the risk of putting ourselves on the direct route to self-sabotage. We can avoid going down this path by, among other things, remembering that very few things are irreparable. We can also assess the new light we built for ourselves in recovery and realize that, against the strongest of obstacles, we were able to pull ourselves back together. When we realize how much strength it took to forge our new beginning, most things will seem rather minor in comparison.

Easter and springtime truly do have something for everyone, but they can mean a little more to those in recovery. They are part of a series of small reminders that we are in control of our lives, and that even if we stumble we can once again find our footing and get back on track. So as we all celebrate in our own traditions, we will not lose sight of how much this time of year can benefit us.

Long Island Addiction Resources would like to wish all a Happy Easter and extend our best wishes for a happy and fulfilling spring season.

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