LI Addiction Resources: What Spring Teaches Us about Recovery
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March 20, 2017
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April 13, 2017
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What the Spring Season Can Remind Us about Our Recovery Journeys

Spring spelled out in flowers in a field.

On March 20, we welcomed the spring season after a winter that many would characterize as confusing, uncomfortable, treacherous, dangerous and downright bitter. Although it may take a while for the season to find its groove and cycle, it brings with it promises of a new beginning for the natural world and everything in it. After the last of the gloom and cold is gone, it is replaced with a resurgence of natural beauty, brightness and life. When those of us who were impacted severe weather were trapped in our homes awaiting better days, the prospect of a brighter tomorrow seemed like a distant dream, even though we all knew in the back of our minds it would arrive. Does anything about this cycle sound familiar?

The arrival of spring and the harsh and adverse conditions it replaces can tell us a great deal about our recovery and ourselves in general. It is the perfect metaphor for the reality that, no matter how far gone down the rabbit hole we think we or our loved ones may be; there is always a way out and a way back from addiction. It may seem impossible when we’re in the throes of withdrawal; it may even seem easier to resign ourselves to the idea that we are officially slaves to our altered brain chemistry and destined for a life of substance abuse; on the other end, however, are people who love us and pleading with us to find our way back.

We can, and should, lean on our loved ones and any other viable support mechanisms we can find as we endeavor to take back our lives from addiction. We should also remember, whenever possible that it’s not too late. This is also true for those of us who have relapsed and are questioning their ability to abstain altogether. Let this spring bet the season that you or your loved one reclaims their lives from drugs and alcohol.

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