A Word of Thanks and Support to Addicted Veterans on this Memorial Day
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May 23, 2016
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A Word of Thanks and Support to Addicted Veterans on this Memorial Day

Addicted Veterans

Support A Veteran

The unfortunate link between addiction and military service has been clearly established. It is a tragic reality that many members of our community started abusing alcohol and other drugs as a direct result of the trauma they sustained during their active service. We are exceedingly proud and gratified that they were able to get help and pull their lives together, while remaining ever mindful of and committed to the millions that are still in desperate need of help. As the nation gets ready to celebrate another Memorial Day, it’s important that we be sensitive to the continued vulnerability of population of addicted veteran population.

While it’s a genuinely gracious gesture meant to honor the sacrifice of our active and returning servicemen and women, there are some veterans who can’t help but view Memorial Day as a reminder of the circumstances that led them to substance abuse. Like all other members of the addiction recovery community, veterans can still remain vulnerable to relapse even after years of sobriety.

It’s important to remember that there are means of help and support for recovering veterans feeling an extra level of stress on this day and others like it. We encourage vulnerable vets to lean on their loved ones and their treatment professionals, while remembering the tools of empowerment and self-awareness they gained during treatment. There are also a variety of veteran support groups of which those in need can take advantage.

Long Island Addiction Resources would like to take this opportunity to thank our active and retired military for their service. We would also like to reminded addicted and vulnerable veterans who have not yet sought treatment that there is help, and that a better life is possible no matter what they’re going through. Happy Memorial Day from Long Island Addiction Resources.

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