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Long Island Addiction Resources pairs those suffering from substance abuse with experienced qualified addiction psychiatrists.

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We are ready to do what we can to make the early stages of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction as painless as possible.

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The Insight and Expertise to Make a Difference

People who are looking to recover from drug or alcohol addiction face a very unique set of circumstances that requires the best of professional attention. Addiction psychiatrists are doctors who are trained to work with you or your loved to face these challenges and overcome substance abuse.

In addition to drug and alcohol abuse, addiction psychiatrists are able to identify and address any underlying mental health issues, including:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Anxiety
  • Eating Disorders

There is still a long road ahead of us after stopping substance abuse. Now that we are clean, the things that we were using drugs to hide from for so long come back and need to be dealt with head on. Addiction therapists work with addicts and alcoholics specifically to address the initial causes of their addiction. Over 80% of addicts are diagnosed to have at least one of these severe mood or emotional disorders on top of our addiction.

Recovery through Connection

Genuine human connection is an invaluable resource during the treatment process and in life. There is nothing else that can compare to the bond we form with one another when overcoming the trials of life, especially something like drug addiction. We don’t have to do it alone. We are professions ready to help.

Specialized Mental Health

  • Certified Addiction Professional
  • Addresses the root causes of addiction
  • Offers private and intimate therapy
  • Able to probe deeper than other forms of therapy
  • Prevents relapse and promotes continued growth
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Insurance and Payment

The cost of medical expenses is a common question. Fortunately, today, almost all of the nation’s largest insurance providers offer comprehensive mental health coverage, including coverage for therapy. We will direct you to the best therapist for your specific coverage. Do not let money keep you from getting the help you need.

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Long Island in the Grips of Addiction

We see it in the news every day: another teen taken before his or her time because of the drug epidemic on Long Island. According to the recent statistics, the numbers only seem to be rising with double the number of fatal overdoses in 2015 compared to the previous year.

Drug addiction is running rampant, but it doesn’t need to escalate in your own life any further. Understanding that addiction is an illness is the first and most crucial step toward saving Long Island and the people who live here.

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Call Us Today! (844) 231-1988 Help is Waiting

An End to Pain of Drug Addiction

Modern medicine and therapeutic practices have made tremendous strides over the past 25 in the fields of mental health and drug addiction. Addiction therapists understand the depths of chemical dependency and are the most qualified professions in the field of addiction treatment today. If you or a loved one is struggling with the disease of addiction, call us today at 855-213-4447. Recovery From drug and alcohol addiction is only a phone call away.

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“I didn’t think getting clean was possible. I’ve stopped using a couple of times, but I could never stay stopped. Long Island Addiction Resources got me the help I needed. I got 18 months clean and sober now and I’ve never been happier.” “I still can’t believe the person my husband has become. When he first made the call, I thought this was going to be like every other time he tried to get sober. He isn’t the same man he was when he was getting high anymore. I feel so blessed” “When I think about how much time I wasted drinking, it makes me sick. I’ve learned to come to grips with my past and put things in perspective, thanks to rehab, but there are still moments when I think about who I was when I was using and I wince.”