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Addiction Treatment Centers on Long Island

Long Island is home to a variety of quality addiction treatment centers. Call Long Island Addiction Treatment Resources today so we can pair you or your loved one with the right program.

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You don’t have to let addiction ruin your life. Let us refer to one of the experienced and qualified addiction treatment centers on Long Island.

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A Dominant and Deadly Epidemic

Drug addiction is now one of the biggest public health and social crises in the United States. Every day, more young people are getting addicted and dying from circumstances related to drug addiction, Many don’t realize that another way of life is possible. Fortunately for addicts in Long Island, more resources are available than ever before to help you get clean and sober.

Get the Help You Need

There are several types of addiction treatment centers on Long Island and the rest of the country, including:

  • Inpatient
  • Regular Outpatient
  • Intensive Outpatient

Each patient’s treatment experience will depend on their substance use history, their care needs and lifestyle. There are plenty of Long Island Addiction treatment centers that allow patients to get the help they need while maintaining their careers and staying connected with their families. There are also inpatient options for those who require the deepest level of care and have a prolonged history of untreated drug or alcohol abuse. Intensive outpatient programs offer a more intense level of treatment while allowing patients to continue their regular schedules.

Paying for an Addiction Treatment Center

If you or your loved one are concerned about the ability to pay for addiction treatment, there are numerous insurance options that may make the process easier. Insurance companies are providing a higher level of coverage than ever to help their customers fund the recovery process and get the help they need. Most Long Island Addiction treatment centers work with insurance companies to soften the financial burden on their patients. Don’t let finances get in the way of your health and your future. Call Long Island Addiction Resources so we can walk you through the insurance verification process.

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The Journey toward Treatment

First StepThe addiction treatment process begins with recognizing a problem and identifying what sort of treatment approach is warranted. Some clients may require detox and outpatient therapy for a budding alcohol problem; others may require long-term treatment for an ongoing heroin addiction, either way there are plenty of viable treatment options.

Second StepOnce you figure out what kind of treatment you need, Long Island Addiction Resources will comb our database of addiction treatment centers on Long Island and present you with the best option. We can also help you figure what treatment approach is best for you if you’re still unsure.

Third Step – Once we figure out the best care option for you or your loved one, we will coordinate referral so you can quickly start getting the help you need. The most important part is taking that critical first step toward recovery and reaching out for help.

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Call Us Today! (844) 231-1988 Help is Waiting

There Is Always a Way Out

It doesn’t matter how hopeless it seems or how many times you have tried to get clean and sober in the past, recovery is a reality. Millions of people in recovery are living happy and successful lives. Long Island Addiction Resources has the tools and knowledge to help get you placed and the best possible treatment program. Call us today at at (844) 231-1988 to start overcoming the horrors and pitfalls of chemical dependency.

Tonya G. Ron F. Pat H.
“After two failed attempts at recovery, I learned that addiction treatment is not a one-size-fits-all situation. I was determined to get help, but I was beginning to doubt that there was any program that could help me. Long Island Addiction Resources quickly matched me with my third and final treatment program. I’ve been clean since l left.” “When you find a treatment center that actually gets you and understands what you’re going through, it makes the recovery process much easier. When I finally landed in a place that wasn’t just interested in getting me clean and bouncing me back out on the street, I became much more invested in my recovery,” “I was literally crying and shaking when I called Long Island Addiction Treatment Centers. Every day I looked in the mirror, I could tell I was falling apart a little more. Within minutes, they helped me relax and assured me that they’d find a treatment option that could help. They kept their word.”