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Alcoholism ruins lives and relationships.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

No two cases of alcoholism are identical. There are, however, some universal signals that point to a drinking problem. It’s critical that alcohol abuse be identified and addressed before it leads to full-blown dependency. The longer alcohol abuse persists, the more difficult it becomes to manage. Eventually it spills into every area of life, including family and finances.

While the signs of alcoholism vary depending upon each person’s lifestyle and drinking history, some of the more common indicators include:

  • Preoccupation with Drinking
  • DUI or Incarceration Due to Alcohol-Induced Behavior
  • Loss of Job Due to Problematic Drinking
  • Inability of Abstain from Alcohol Despite Efforts
  • Denial Regarding Excess of Drinking
  • Hostility Toward the Assertion of a Drinking Problem
  • Erosion of Relationships (Family, Romantic, Professional, Etc.)
  • Drinking to Escape Reality or Cope with Trauma

These are just a few of the behavioral indicators of alcoholism. If you suspect your loved one is exhibiting these or any other signs, it’s imperative that they get help immediately.

Insurance May Cover Alcohol Rehab

Don’t let finances get in the way of your recovery and a better future. Long Island Addiction Resources is committed to helping you or your loved one find quality, affordable treatment. We will explore our comprehensive database of Long Island alcohol rehab centers and find one an affordable option. Treatment centers routinely work with most insurance companies to provide coverage. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives will help you verify you insurance and match you with a qualified facility.

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Traveling the Road to Recovery

First StepOnce you’ve made the decision to seek help for you or your loved one, contact Long Island Addiction Resources at (844) 231-1988 and speak to one of our referral professionals. After hearing a detailed account of your substance use history and lifestyle, we will begin searching for care options.

Second StepWe will match you with the best available treatment facility based on your lifestyle and care needs. We understand that not everyone can uproot their lives to enter an inpatient treatment program and will work hard to find you a program that allows you to maintain your career and stay connected with your family.

Third Step – Once we identify a facility that works best for you, we will provide seamless and expedited referral so you can start the treatment process and begin taking your life back from alcohol addiction.

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Call Us Today! (844) 231-1988 Help is Waiting

A Problem Consuming That’s the Long Island Region

Long Island is facing a significant alcohol abuse problem among all segments of its population, from children to young adults to seniors. Each and every one of these residents is someone’s child, parent, sibling, spouse, friend or significant other. Most people who suffer from alcoholism have a whole group of loved ones who suffer right along with them. If you or a loved one live in Long Island and are suffering from alcoholism, Long Island Addiction Resources is ready to act on your behalf to get you quality treatment.

Why Do I Drink?

Alcoholism can develop through a variety of circumstances. Some start drinking to deal with traumatic incidents; others are genetically predisposed to heavy drinking or learn it from an alcoholic parent. The point is, whatever situation led to your alcoholism, there is a way out. Long Island Addiction Resources is ready to help you find a program that is equipped to help you overcome alcohol abuse and face the issues that started it. You don’t have to spend another second on the losing end of your battle against alcohol. Call us any time, day or night at (844) 231-1988 to learn more about our quality programs.

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“My drinking was getting worse by the day. I knew it would eventually kill me if I kept up my bingeing. I called Long Island Addiction Resources and they didn’t judge me, they didn’t dismiss my concerns. They listened to me and I was in a treatment program within days.” “Helpful, nice and attentive—that’s all I can say. They worked so hard to find a program that my family and I could trust. This is important when you feel like everything you have is slipping away. Since completing treatment 15 months ago, I’ve haven’t had a drop of alcohol.” “I had no idea what to do about my sister’s drinking. I could tell she wanted help, but had no idea how to intervene. Long Island Addiction Resources gave me the information I needed to get her into a decent treatment program and she is doing much better. Thanks so much!”