Tips for Organizing An Addiction Intervention

Although each case is different, there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re ready to start putting together an intervention:

  • Keep the Group Small and Close
  • Keep Judgment out of the Process
  • Be Clear, Direct Calm and Composed
  • Reinforce That You’re There to Help
  • Stick to the Terms of Your Written Statements

A certain level of deception may be necessary to get your loved one to show up to the meeting.

Let Us Help You with Your Loved One’s Intervention

It is clear that you have the intent and the will to help your loved one overcome their substance abuse; you just may not have the words or the resources to put the process in motion yourself. Long Island Addiction Resources can help you find an experienced and qualified professional to help you organize and conduct the intervention properly. This may be your last opportunity to tell your loved one how much their addiction is impacting the people in their lives, and to get them help; don’t leave anything to chance. Call Long Island Addiction Resources today at 855-213-4447.