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The Importance of Quality Addiction Services

One of the realities of recovery is that not all addiction rehabs are created equal. Many may fall short of being able to adequately meet your care needs or those of your loved one. It’s very possible to spend valuable time, money and energy on a program that just can’t work.

For patients who are usually reluctant to seek treatment to begin with, this setback can permanently discourage them from ever seeking treatment again. Their negative experience in an ill-equipped program can cause them form a negative opinion of treatment as a whole. Long Island Addiction Resources can help avoid that obstacle by guiding you toward a program that can effectively address your care needs.

Quality addiction rehab should offer several services, including:

  • Customized Rehab Programs
  • Group Therapy
  • One-on-One Counseling with an Addiction-Trained Therapist
  • Comprehensive and Realistic Aftercare Plans
  • Ongoing Monitoring

Rehab should always follow a specialized course of detox where patients can be medically stabilized.

Eastern Long Island Hospital, as well as many other facilities in the region, provide comprehensive addiction treatment. These programs offer proven traditional treatment practices along with innovative supplemental therapies to offer patients a well-rounded recovery experience.

If you or someone you care about is looking to heal at Eastern Long Island Hospital or any of the region’s addiction rehab centers, we can help facilitate the process and guide you toward treatment.

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The Cost of Treatment May Be Covered

Facilities like Eastern Long Island Hospital routinely work with insurance companies to keep costs down for addiction care patients. They understand how important this process is and that addiction is bona fide medical disease rather than a choice or a moral failing. When you are ready to enter rehab, your insurance provider may cover part of your program or the entire rehab process. Long Island Addiction Resources can help you explore your insurance and payment options and come up with a solution that works for you. We’ll act as your liaison to care facilities in the area and make sure you can get the help you need.

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Your Path to Recovery

Make the Decision to Get Help – This is a process that is unique to all addiction sufferers. It helps to talk to an objective and lucid loved one when you first decide to get help. They can provide logistical assistance as well as moral support during this uncertain and often difficult time.

Call Long Island Addiction ResourcesOur representatives will conduct a thorough assessment of your care needs and explore our database of rehab centers in the area. Whether you choose Eastern Long Island Hospital’s drug rehab program or another option, we’ll come up with a treatment center that’s right for you.

Enter Treatment and Begin Healing – Once we successfully navigate the admissions logistics and answer all of your questions, you are free to begin the healing process.

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Call Us Today! (844) 231-1988 Help is Waiting

Life After Rehab

It’s important to realize that rehab is only the beginning of your journey. Recovery is a life-long endeavor, and while rehab provides a strong and solid foundation for success, it’s up to patients to build upon what they learned through ongoing therapy and attendance at regular support group meetings. The first step, however, is asking for help.

Why Can’t I Stop?

There is no single cause of addiction; however, a number of societal, environmental, and genetic factors contribute to this disease. It is common for many addicts to begin by self-medicating to cope with trauma or another disorder such as depression or anxiety. Others come from a long line of addiction sufferers and are exposed to substance use from an early age. No matter the cause, addiction can be managed. Long Island Addiction Resources is ready to help you find a program that will give you the tools to combat drug and alcohol dependency and live a happy and productive life. Call us any time to learn more about our quality Long Island addiction treatment programs.

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“I had an awful experience the first time I went to rehab. The staff was rude and I was treated like a stranger rather than a patient. Long Island Addiction Resources helped me realize that not all rehab programs are the same. I entered my second and last program about eight months ago and have been clean ever since.” “It’s easy to say ‘I’m never going to rehab because they don’t understand me.’ I did it my whole life. The trouble is that when you have nothing left, you have no choice but to try and find some kind of help. My only regret I that I didn’t seek help sooner. It has absolutely made a difference in my life.”” “For months I went back and forth on getting help. Each minute I waited, another piece of my life fell apart. Eventually the choice was made for me, as I could no longer hold it together. Rehab helped me regain control of my life and stay away from alcohol for good. If you think need help, you probably do.”