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Holistic Addiction Rehab

Aligning Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health

When a person falls into drug or alcohol addiction, every aspect of their life gets turned upside-down. In addition to the devastating toll this disease takes on the brain, it causes the body to suffer from withdrawal symptoms and poor health choices as well. Holistic addiction therapy helps address the physical, psychological and spiritual damage of addiction, and helps patients get on the path to total wellness. Holistic therapy combines proven, evidence-based treatment practices with innovative alternative therapies in order to promote recovery and a healthy lifestyle going forward. Holistic therapy is not a substitute for traditional treatment, rather a supplement to comprehensive care.

What Does Holistic Addiction Rehab Entail?

In addition to the traditional elements of rehab, such as group therapy and individualized counseling, holistic drug and alcohol rehab offers a variety of therapies to blend healing of the mind, body and spirit. Although each patient’s rehab program should be unique to their care needs, some of the more common therapies available in holistic drug rehab include:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Tai Chi
  • Chiropractic Services

Many holistic rehab programs also offer nutritional counseling and fitness therapy to help patients build a healthy lifestyle not just in recovery, but in everyday life as well. These therapies can greatly improve patients’ physical health while helping to mitigate withdrawal symptoms.

Why Holistic Addiction Rehab?

Addiction, treatment and long-term recovery can all be physically and emotionally exhausting. A patient’s overall health and their ability to endure the rigors of recovery are directly connected. For example, some foods promote biochemical triggers that can pave the way to relapse. Nutritional counseling can help us identify what foods to avoid in recovery and which ones will contribute to positive health. Holistic therapies like yoga and tai chi can help promote fitness and better defend the body against the pain and sickness of lingering withdrawal symptoms. Patients who struggle with a painkiller addiction may experience an acute sensitivity to pain as part of the withdrawal process; chiropractic care and other holistically oriented techniques can help them to better manage the pain.

An Increasingly Common Treatment Practice

More and more addiction treatment centers are offering holistic therapies on their menu of care options, particularly in situations where medication-assisted treatment may not be possible. These types of therapies provide an invaluable education regarding the relationship between the mind and body, and the importance that both are functioning properly in recovery. They also help patients regain their strength and their focus so they’re better able to address the subsequent challenges of treatment and recovery. The reality is that almost everyone can benefit from improved diet and exercise. Holistic addiction rehab puts these needs front and center as patients attempt to muster the strength and physical vitality to heal on a long-term basis.

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Is Holistic Addiction Rehab Right for Me?

Generally speaking, a patient’s rehab program is designed with the assistance of a trained addiction and mental health professional; these professionals will help determine if holistic rehab is the right option for you or your loved one. Long Island Addiction Resources can help you find a facility that offers quality holistic addiction rehab on Long Island. We will walk you through the insurance verification process and answer any questions you have. Don’t wait another second to get the help you need. Call our experienced and qualified representatives today at 855-213-4447 to begin the healing process. Addiction does not have to take over your life.