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Marijuana Is Not a Harmless Drug

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In addition to impacting users’ lifestyles, marijuana abuse can, and often does lead to more serious substance abuse issues.

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Marijuana is the most commonly abused illegal drug in the United States and continues to negatively affect users’ health and quality of life.

A Dominant Substance Abuse Threat

Marijuana is unquestionably the most commonly abused drug in the United States, with the exception of alcohol. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that 49 percent of Americans have tried marijuana at least once in their lives and that 12 percent have used the drug in the past year. The percentage of Americans that use marijuana recreationally has doubled since 2002. Over 30 million Americans are using marijuana on a regular basis. As more and more Americans soften on the prospect of marijuana’s legalization, the increasingly permissive culture and attitude toward the drug has caused many, specifically younger people, to think that the drug is a harmless or benign substance.

Some of the more immediate dangers of marijuana include:

  • Impaired Judgment
  • Slowed Motor Skills
  • Accelerated Heart Rate
  • Decreased Coordination
  • Trouble Breathing

Many of the chemicals found in cigarette smoke, a known killer, are found in marijuana smoke as well, including ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and formaldehyde. Some of these chemicals have been linked to cancer and are usually taken straight into the lungs when marijuana is smoked. Though perhaps less dangerous than drugs like heroin or cocaine, marijuana is by no means a harmless substance. This misconception leads many to start abusing the drug on a regular basis.

In addition to the dangers of purer marijuana, numerous types of synthetic marijuana have started to infiltrate the United States. A Long Island high school student recently experience severe seizures after taking a certain type of synthetic marijuana and many more have experienced adverse health effects from these substances. The bottom line is that marijuana is not a drug to be taken lightly, and if you or someone you care about has developed a severe marijuana habit, marijuana addiction counseling may be in order. Even if you don’t think you need help, your career, family life, finances and general quality of life may indicate otherwise.

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Can I Afford Counseling?

It’s perfectly understandable to be concerned about the cost of counseling, but you shouldn’t let it dictate your pursuit of wellness. Many addiction treatment facilities that offer marijuana addiction counseling work with major insurance companies to help keep treatment more affordable. Long Island Addiction Resources will walk you or your loved one through the insurance verification process and work hard to find a program that works best for you. Your insurance may cover part or even all of your marijuana addiction counseling, so you can get the help you need without financial questions hanging over or your head.

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What Can Marijuana Addiction Counseling Do For Me?

Address Root CausesMany marijuana users start using the drug to cope with mental illness or trauma. Counseling can help them identify and address toxic or dysfunctional factors in their lives that may have triggered their initial marijuana use.

Behavior ModificationPatients can use the progress they make in counseling to make positive, health-oriented decisions on a daily basis. This includes avoiding relationships and circumstances associated with marijuana and other drugs.

Develop Coping Strategies – Patients can work with their counselors to develop relapse avoidance techniques. The ultimate goal of this practice is to get patients to live a happy and fulfilling life without having to rely on marijuana as an escape.

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Marijuana Doesn’t Have to Control Your Life

No matter how tight a grip marijuana has on you, there is always a way out. Those who don’t believe they need marijuana addiction counseling are urged to take a look at their lives and assess just how much of their actions and behavior are motivated by the drug. When you are ready to get help. Long Island Addiction Resources will be there. Call us anytime, day or night at (844) 231-1988.

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“I don’t know anyone who started doing hard drugs without doing weed first, and I was no exception. When I started dabbling in meth, I knew it was time to put the brakes on my substance use and get some help. I called Long Island Addiction Resources and they made sure I landed in a program that could help me.” “Long Island Addiction Resources helped me find alcohol treatment for my husband. After five years of dysfunction, I finally like my marriage is on the mend. Things aren’t perfect, but he’s more committed to his recovery than ever.” “Every move I made revolved around weed. It wasn’t like I was on the verge of death, but I couldn’t keep a job or meaningful relationship. When I went to marijuana addiction counseling, I learned a lot about myself and my behavior patterns that I never even knew. It’s helped me to reshape my future and live a normal life.”