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New Year’s Resolutions and Recovery

New Year's Resolution Recovery

The New Year represents an ideal time to make a fresh start and positive change. This is especially true for those who may be struggling with heroin addiction in Long Island and throughout the rest of the country. With overdose deaths on the rise, a New Year’s resolution can provide the impetus that we need to start recovery and avoid unthinkable tragedy. It’s also true that making and adhering to a New Year’s resolution are two very different things. Many, if not most, of us start out strong on the promises we make to ourselves, but by the time February or March rolls around, we’re right back to our old habits and behaviors. With proper treatment, aftercare, and support, the resolution to get clean can be a lasting reality.

The first step toward accomplishing our resolution of lasting sobriety is seeking help. We can reach out to friends and family members we trust and begin our journey by finding the addiction treatment we need. There are all kinds of treatment styles and plenty of options for treating heroin addiction in Long Island. Proper detox is the next part of the process; medically supervised detox assures that we rid ourselves of our chemical dependencies safely and comfortably.

Once we regain our health and rid our bodies from most of the addiction-related toxins that have built up, we may begin the process of regaining balanced mental health. Therapy and counseling will help us to maintain our resolution of recovery longer than that goal we set last year to work out every day. Building a network of clean and sober support will increase our chances of keeping that goal as well; knowing we have safe places and people to turn to if we slip up or feel overwhelmed is key. We also thrive in a community that encourages us – Long Islanders have come together to create commissions and task forces against opiates and provide resources for recovering addicts.

Losing that motivation that we had to exercise might be easy to brush off, but not attempting to maintain our sobriety could mean life or death. Addiction treatment makes recovery and new life possible. Now is the perfect time to make that promise to yourself. You can get clean and stay clean. This can be the one resolution that lasts a lifetime. Long Island Addiction Resources wishes everyone a happy, safe and sober New Year.

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