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Outpatient drug rehab offers quality addiction care while allowing you to maintain your lifestyle and manage your daily obligations.

What is Outpatient Drug Rehab?

There are many type of addiction rehab. Some patients require the deepest level of care and choose to enter a long-term inpatient treatment program to heal in a distraction-free environment. This type of care, however, is not possible or necessary for everyone. Outpatient rehab affords patients an opportunity to recover from drug addiction while continuing to raise their families and maintain their careers. This element of treatment is especially important to those who are the sole income earner or caretaker in their homes.

Rehab usually consists of two to three weekly sessions. The point of rehab is to help patients live a full, rewarding and independent life in recovery; this may be difficult if they have to rebuild their professional and personal lives from the ground up because they removed themselves from their lives for a month or more.

Is Outpatient Rehab Right for Me?

Outpatient drug rehab offers many clinical and lifestyle benefits, including:

  • Flexible Treatment Schedules
  • Trained Addiction and Mental Health Experts
  • Supplemental Therapies
  • Continued Patient Outreach

Each patient’s rehab program will vary according to their clinical needs and history of substance abuse; however, every rehab program should include some combination of group therapy and individualized counseling. Group therapy allows patients to exchange support with one another, and let’s them know that they aren’t alone in their struggle. Often the relationships formed in group therapy last well beyond the rehab process.

Individualized counseling allows patients to confront the circumstances that led to their addictions and learn to confront them in a healthy manner, whether it’s trauma, family history, mental illness or anything else. Patients also develop ways to deal with the inevitable temptation and cravings of recovery and learn valuable relapse prevention strategies to aid in their continued success.

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Ideally, patients will have a behavioral template on which they can build in continued post-treatment therapy. They will also receive regular follow-up calls from personnel at their facility to strengthen their chances of avoiding relapse.

Insurance May Cover Outpatient Drug Rehab

Most Long Island outpatient drug rehabs work with patients to make the process more affordable and accept many types of insurance. Addiction is a disease, and is, for the most part, regarded as such as by insurance providers. Long Island Addiction Resources can help you determine how much of your care will be covered by insurance. The last you thing should have to worry about during this difficult process is the ability to pay.

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Initiating the Treatment Process

First Step – We can help you determine if outpatient care is right for you or your loved one. Oftentimes, patients need a deeper level of care than the outpatient model can provide, and are better served by an inpatient or intensive outpatient (IOP) program. Our representatives will assess your substance use history and determine if outpatient rehab is the right option.

Second Step – Once we ascertain that outpatient rehab is the right choice, we will explore our inventory of outpatient drug rehabs on Long Island and make sure to pair you with a program that best suits your needs. We understand the decision to get treatment is not an easy one, and will answer any questions you have.

Third Step – When you’re ready, we will help coordinate the treatment admissions process so you can begin healing and rebuilding your life. It’s a good idea to have a loved one assist in the treatment research process as well.

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The Most Important Thing is Getting Help

Whether you need outpatient care or any other type of rehab, it’s critical that you take that first critical step toward recovery and a better future. Long Island Addiction Resources is your lifeline to quality treatment. Call us today.

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“I avoided treatment for cocaine for a long time. I thought it meant having to uproot your entire life and shutting yourself in for a month. When I called Long Island Addiction Resources, they told me about outpatient therapy and gave me information about a great program. I completed treatment eight months ago and I have been clean ever since.” “At first I was skeptical about outpatient treatment. I didn’t think a lot could be accomplished within that model. I was very glad to be proven wrong and couldn’t have asked for a better rehab program. I’ve made great friends and have never forgotten the lessons that I learned while I was in treatment. It was an eye-opener for sure.” “At 67 years old, I thought I missed the boat on treatment forever. I thought old age would kill me before pills ever could. When I started craving Vicodin™ more and more, I knew I was in serious trouble. I called Long Island Addiction Resources and was able to find an outpatient rehab program that specialized in pain pill addiction.”