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Are drugs or alcohol ruining your life or the life of a loved one? If so, Long Island Addiction Resources is here to get you the help you need. Call us today!

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Call Us Today! (844) 231-1988 Help is Waiting

Addiction: A Rising Epidemic

Drug and alcohol addiction have become two of the greatest health and social crises in America. Every single day, more young people are getting addicted and dying from overdose while drunk driving has become the leading cause of automotive crashes. Many who suffer from addiction have no idea that another way of life is even possible. If you are one of these unfortunate individuals, there are many rehab facilities in Long Island that can give you the treatment you need to improve your health, future and quality of life.

A Safe Place to Start Over

Drug and alcohol rehab facilities offer a safe and discreet environment to begin recovering from addiction. Regardless of your substance history or how hopeless the fight against addiction may seem, drug and alcohol rehab centers offer the care and attention that you need. Every day addiction sufferers are entering recovery and getting their start in rehab. You can start recovering, too.

A New You Is Waiting

Some of the immediate and long-term benefits of rehab include:

  • Freedom from drug and alcohol addiction
  • A renewed sense of purpose and of self
  • Reconnection with family and loved ones
  • Assistance with legal matters
  • Regain physical, mental and emotional health

When a person gets clean from drugs and alcohol, it often seems like the world opens up to them for the very first time. They wake up every day with the knowledge that everything is going to be ok and will continue to get better. Now that they are drug and alcohol free, there is nothing holding them back from repairing the damage they caused and from living the life they deserve to live.

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Payment and Insurance

Your insurance provider may offer coverage for part or all of your substance abuse treatment. Our experienced professionals understand how to best maximize your health insurance to get you most comprehensive and effective drug treatment possible. Call us today to find out your options.

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A Light at the End of the Tunnel

There is no such thing as a hopeless case. If you need help for a problem with drugs and alcohol, call us today and we will get you placed in a facility that best meets your unique needs. Freedom from active addiction is closer than you may realize. Give yourself a chance at recovery and call us at 855-213-4447 for a free consultation and insurance benefits check. The gift of recovery can be yours today.

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Call Us Today! (844) 231-1988 Help is Waiting
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“I thought I was beyond saving. I had just done so much damage and caused so much pain that I didn’t think there was any way it could ever get better. It’s crazy that six months later that my mom welcomed me back home and am getting ready to go back to school. If I had known that Long Island Addiction Resources existed before things got bad, I would have called them then. I owe them my life.” “A junkie and drunk like me getting clean and sober? I would have that you were crazy if you told me that a year ago, but here I am. Yeah waking up not needing to get high is great, but having my kids back in my life is really the biggest blessing of all. I wake up and thank God every single day for them and for having a second chance.” “I spent my life trying to give up drinking. When you’ve been doing it since you were 14, you don’t just suddenly give it up when you’re 40, unless, of course, you have the right treatment program behind you. I called Long Island Addiction Resources and they were able to get me into a program that treated long-term alcohol abuse. They took care of me and treated me like a person, not just an addict. I’m truly blessed.”