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Effective addiction rehab can mean the difference between lasting recovery and relapse. Let us help you find the right program.

What Is Rehab?

Rehabilitation or “rehab” is the portion of addiction treatment that addresses the behavioral and lifestyle aspects of drug and alcohol abuse. The goal of rehab is to help addiction sufferers learn to live sober and independent lives once they leave their treatment program. This often requires a complex set of behavioral modalities and intense psychotherapy.

Rehab occurs either after or in conjunction with detox and withdrawal management. Each patient’s program depends on their individual care needs and substance abuse history. Those who have been abusing drugs or alcohol for years may benefit from a more targeted and longer-term approach, whereas those who are battling substance abuse and are on the verge of full-blown dependency may require a less intense level of care.

There are several types of rehab, including:

  • Inpatient Rehab (28-30 Days)
  • Long-Term Rehab (30-90 Days or More)
  • Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Rehab (Weekly Sessions)
  • Partial Hospitalization Rehab (Weekly Sessions with Supportive Housing)

The type of rehab you or your loved one chooses depends upon a variety of factors, particularly care needs and lifestyle logistics. While each rehab program should be tailored to each individual patient, all of them should include a combination of group therapy, one-on-one counseling, supplemental therapies and aftercare. Programs should offer a full continuum of care, from when the patient is first admitted to well after they leave the program.

Patients should be prepared to live confidently with the tools to address the stresses they will encounter in recovery and their everyday lives. This is accomplished by working with a therapist who will help them:

  • Address the Root Causes of their Substance Abuse
  • Identify any Underlying Mental Health Issues
  • Develop Coping Strategies to Manage Stress without Relapse
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Patients should leave with a comprehensive and realistic aftercare plan, including information regarding addiction specialists in their area with whom they can continue their therapy. Rehab should also include regular post-treatment follow-up calls to assess progress, particularly during the days immediately following completion of their program.

Don’t Let Finances Stop You from Getting Help

As much as someone may want to get help for their addiction, many feel as though they just can’t afford it, and suffer their whole lives as a result. Most addiction rehabs on Long Island work with insurance providers to keep costs down for those who need help. In some cases, insurance providers even cover the entire cost of treatment. There is more access than ever to quality addiction rehab. Let us help you navigate the insurance landscape.

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The Path to Recovery Begins with Asking for Help

Talk to a Loved OneThose struggling with addiction can be overwhelmed by the search for quality rehab. It’s helpful to reach out to a lucid and objective loved one that can assist you in the decision-making process and help you assess your care needs.

Call Long Island Addiction Resources – Once you’ve made the decision to get help. Long Island Addiction Resources can help you decide what kind of program is right for you. We will listen to your situation and comb our database of Long Island rehabs, taking into account your lifestyle needs and everyday obligations.

Start the Healing ProcessWhen you have decided on a program, Long Island Addiction Resources will answer any remaining questions you have. Once you feel comfortable and secure in your choice, we will assist with coordinating admission into your rehab program so you can start healing.

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You’re Stronger Than Addiction

It’s natural to have reservations about treatment. No matter how much a person has suffered from their addiction, it can still be scary to enter a new part of life. Long Island Addiction Resources is committed to making the treatment process easier. Call us today to start overcoming chemical dependency.

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“I was living my life in a dull pain. Every move I made was dictated by how long it would be before I could drink. Almost without even realizing it, I became a full-blown alcoholic. When I called Long Island Addiction Centers, I was very skeptical about their ability to help. But they referred me to an amazing rehab program.” “It’s not enough to simply want to get help; you have to take the initiative and do it. I thought I had a hard, uphill battle ahead of me when I started looking for treatment. Long Island Addiction Resources pointed me toward a wonderful program to which I owe a large part of my recovery. Asking for help is critical.” “I never thought I’d ever see a year of sobriety. When you’ve been using as long as I have, you just don’t expect to ever not use again. I’d lost almost everything and was on the verge of losing my family. When I called Long Island Addiction Resources, I became more and more hopeful and confident that I could succeed.”