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Making the choice to get treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is an important one, but it comes with many decisions and it is important that you choose the best program possible. To assess your needs from drug and alcohol treatments please call us on our toll free number so that we can help determine the best possible care that you are eligible to receive. Please feel free to take a look at some of the treatment options that are available for Brentwood.

There are many different types of treatment centers that offer a wide range of treatments and care that are catered to the needs of the patients so it is important to decide exactly what treatment is best for you before admission. Most of drug rehabs in and around Brentwood and the Brentwood area will take private insurance providers, however if you are not certain if your insurance covers drug and alcohol treatment you can contact us for a confidential benefits check. You can also contact your insurance company yourself to check your coverage.

Most insurance providers offer substance abuse treatment. If you are not sure if your insurance provider offers drug and alcohol treatment benefits, call our toll free number for a confidential benefits check, or contact your insurance provider directly.

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Brentwood Group

This meeting is closed to non-addicts. You should attend only if you believe that you may have a problem with substance abuse. This meeting is lead by a speaker, then opened for participation by attendees.
Tue, Thur, 6:00 p.m.

United Presbyterian Church
125 2nd Street
Brentwood, NY 11717
at 4th Avenue


St. Anne’s Coming Together

Sunday – 6:00 pm – Open Discussion

Saturday – 7:00 pm – Big Book Study

St. Anne’s Church
88 2nd Avenue
Brentwood, NY 11717

Narcotics Anonymous

Students of Recovery

This meeting is open to addicts and non-addicts alike. All are welcome. This meeting is focused on the needs of new members of NA. This meeting is lead by a speaker, then opened for participation by attendees. This meeting is wheelchair accessible. Approved N.A. Books
Fri 8:00 p.m.

Suffolk Community College,
Crooked Hill Road (Health Sports Education Center HSEC),
Brentwood, NY 11717

Narcotics Anonymous

Alive Again

This meeting is open to addicts and non-addicts alike. All are welcome. This meeting is focused on the needs of new members of NA. This meeting has sharing time limited by a timer.
Thurs 7:30 p.m.

New Jerusalem Bapt. Church
37 Macarthur Ave., Brentwood, NY 11717

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Making a decision to reach out for help from alcohol and drug addiction is a very important decision. In 1956 the (CDC) Center for Disease Control classified alcoholism as a disease. However, it is often misunderstood and addicts are often ostracized by the general public, mainly because the symptoms of this disease are anti-social and often illegal. The disease of alcoholism and drug addiction rips through the lives of its victims and their families and friends. The disease of addiction gets progressively worse and the end results are usually incarnation or early death.

Drugs have been flooding into New York City for many years now. Once here, they they are dispersed throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Washington Heights and from there they make their way throughout Long Island. This leads to an abundance of drugs being available in counties like Nassau and Suffolk and it makes drugs readily available for addicts looking for them in suburbs like Brentwood.

There are more overdoses every year due to acute heroin or opioids intoxication than any other drug. There were over 25,000 deaths from prescription drugs alone in America in 2014 with over 90 of them being in Suffolk County alone. That number has increased 300% over the past 4 years and it continues to rise. Brentwood has been a victim of the drug epidemic that has hit Long Island hard. Brentwood has a population of over 60,000 people and along with the rest of Suffolk County it has seen a massive increase in the number of drug overdoses. The situation in Long Island has gotten so bad that there have been laws put in place to allow the distribution of Narcan – a drug that can be used to prevent or reverse a heroin overdose – to people who are close to addicts. While this has helped reduce the number of fatal drug overdoses it has done nothing to prevent drugs from being trafficked into Long Island and the surrounding area and it has not helped reduce the number of non-lethal overdoses.

With so many addicts looking for drugs, it leads to a large number of crimes being committed in areas like Brentwood. In August of 2014, a drug raid busted up a major heroin and cocaine ring in Brentwood. 22 people faced trial as the group sold heroin and cocaine to as many as 20 dealers across the county. Along with 100 bags of heroin and cocaine being seized there were also shotguns, an assault rifle, handguns and $200,000 in cash. While this was a major bust, it did not in any way slow down the flow of drugs into the county and into Brentwood.

Long Island has been and is continuing to lose the war against drugs. After 18-year-old Natalie Ciappa of Massapequa fatally overdosed on heroin in 2008 many laws were passed to help stop the influx of drugs and to help raise awareness of the opiate abuse epidemic. Eight years on, the number of overdoses has only gone up.

Brentwood is beginning to become another example of what happens when drugs are readily accessible to a small town in America. It is more important than ever to make sure that resources for drug and alcohol treatments are available for anyone who needs them. While the numbers and stories are scary, there is nothing scarier than seeing a loved one fall victim to drugs or alcohol. However addiction does not have to keep taking the lives of our loved ones and addiction can be treated now better than any point in history. There are more ways then ever before to receive treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please call us immediately for an immediate consultation

Call Us Today! (844) 231-1988 Help is Waiting.