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When seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in the New York area it is essential that you choose the best program possible. In order for that to occur, it is best that you properly assess your needs for drug rehab and we can help you determine what those are. Please call us on out hotline and we can help you find the best possible care that you are eligible to receive. Please take a look at some of the treatment options in the Coram area.

Treatment centers offer a broad range of care to cater to the needs of the patients and for that reason it is important to decide what is required of your treatment clinic before admission. The majority of drug rehab facilities in and around the Coram area will work with private insurance companies. However if you are not certain if you’re insurance covers drug and alcohol treatment then please feel free to contact us on out toll-free hotline for a confidential benefits check, or by contacting your insurance provider directly.

Drugs have been coming directly into the harbors of New York City, straight from South America. They are then dispersed to the surrounding areas like Manhattan or Brooklyn. Once in those areas drugs then become readily accessible to nearly anybody looking for them and they are easily transported into the surrounds including the suburbs of Long Island and towns like Coram.

Heroin killed a record high 144 people on Long Island in 2013. Newly released data shows that death links to heroin rose in both Nassau and Suffolk counties last year. While it is easy to measure how many lives have been taken due to heroin, Long Island families as well as the schools, businesses and treatment centers claim that the impact of heroin is truly immeasurable. Young men and women are losing their jobs due to heroin and opioid addiction and many school-aged children are growing up in the homes of parents who use. Coram has been suffering along with the rest of Suffolk County from the drug epidemic that has been taking not only Long Island but also the country by storm. From 2010 to 2013, Suffolk County saw over a 100 percent increase in the numbers of overdose deaths due to heroin. Due to so many fatal drug overdoses the county has begun to supply the residents with the anti-opiate drug Narcan to help reduce the number of fatal overdoses. While this has proven to be an effective counter measure against fatal overdoses, it has done nothing to stop drugs from entering the county or decrease the number of non-fatal overdoses.

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Steps to Life

Sunday – 7:30 am – Daily Reflections Meeting

Saturday – 8:00 am – Big Book Study.

New Beginnings Church
241 Middle Country Road
Coram, NY 11727


Coram Farmingville Open Arms

Monday – 8:00 pm – Step Group and Open Discussion

Friday – 7:00 pm – Big Book Study

*Last Monday Traditions Group*

Trinity United Methodist Church
325 Rte 25
Coram, NY 11727
Corner Grand Smith Rd/behind Smoke Shop

Narcotics Anonymous

Back To Reality

This meeting is open to addicts and non-addicts alike. All are welcome. This meeting invites participation by all attendees. This meeting is focused on topics encountered by men in NA.
Sat 10:00 a.m.

Trinity United Methodist Church of Coram, Coram, NY, United States

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In 2012 there were 8 arrests made by Suffolk county in connection with a Coram-based heroin and prostitution ring. The District Attorney said that the Suffolk County based ringleaders were receiving the heroin approximately every two weeks from a Bronx supplier. The breaking up of these rings seems to have never stopped. In January of this year, a father and son were arrested in Coram with 730 grams of cocaine, 318 grams of heroin, 36 grams of oxycodone and $200,000 dollars in cash. These sorts of arrests are becoming a regular occurrence in a town of about 40,000, which is a very strong indication of where the city of Coram is headed without intervention.
The families of drug addicts and alcoholics may be the ones who are suffering the most. Long Island residents were brutally awakened in June of 2008 when Natalie Ciappa, and honors student from Massapequa and only 18 years of age fatally overdosed on heroin. She is a reminder that anyone can fall victim to the horrors of addiction and that we need to make it possible for drug addicts to get all of the help that they can.

Coram is becoming another example of what can happen when drugs flood into a small town in America. It is imperative that resources for drug and alcohol treatment are as available as possible. The stories and statistics are frightening, however there is nothing more scary than seeing a loved succumb to addiction. But addiction does not have to keep taking the lives of our loved ones. Addiction can be treated better than any other time in history and you owe it to yourself or your loved one to get the help that you need.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction then please call our hotline immediately for consultation.

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