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Addiction, be it to illicit drugs, alcohol, or legal prescriptions, is one of the most difficult and painful experiences a person can go through. Finding the right treatment and support is a crucial part of the recovery process. We aim to make finding the best assets and information to treat addiction as simple as possible. Suffolk county has a large network of resources to help you or a loved one find the support needed.

Finding a treatment center can be a difficult task. With a large range of treatment options in the immediate area and nationwide finding the right facility can be overwhelming. Most inpatient and outpatient rehabs accept private and other forms of health insurance.  Please call our hot-line for assistance, and we can walk you through your insurance coverage options and help to find treatment immediately.

What was once a largely inner city trade has been finding more and more footing in small towns and cities. Major drug hubs like New York have been expanding into local suburbs to meet and make the demand of the locally addicted clientele.

In January of 2016 a major drug bust was executed on brothers Uriel and Winston Rose, as well as twelve other Long Island locals, in what was described as a “million-dollar heroin ring.” The brothers fed a steady supply of narcotics from the New York borough of the Bronx into Deer Park and its surrounding areas. Police seized $70,000 in cash, several pistols, and heroin in bulk as well as bagged for individual sale. It was estimated that the Rose brothers sold an average of $1,000,000 of heroin per year in a community with a population under 28,000.

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Monday – 7:00 pm – Big Book Study Friday – 8:00 pm – Alternating Format *Step Series Meeting

St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church 305 Carlls Path Deer Park, NY 11729 Btwn. Grand Blvd. & Bay Shore Rd.



Sunday – 4:00 pm – Closed Discussion Meeting

Monday – 5:30 pm – Step Group

Tuesday – 5:30 pm – Closed Discussion Meeting

Wednesday – 5:00 pm – Closed Discussion Meeting

Thursday – 5:30 pm – Big Book Study

Friday – 5:30 pm – Big Book Study

Saturday – 4:30 pm – Closed Discussion Meeting

Ascension Lutheran Church 33 Bay Shore Road Deer Park, NY 11729



Tuesday – 7:30 pm – Big Book Study

Thursday – 7:30 pm – Step Study

Saturday – 8:00 pm – Big Book Study

*Traditions first Thursday, Open Discussion last Thursday

Ascension Lutheran Church 33 Bay Shore Road Deer Park, NY 11729

Narcotics Anonymous

High Hopes

This meeting is closed to non-addicts. You should attend only if you believe that you may have a problem with substance abuse.This meeting has a format that consists of each person who shares picking the next person.This meeting is lead by a speaker, then opened for participation by attendees.This meeting has sharing time limited by a timer.

Ascension Lutheran Church 33 Bay Shore Rd., Deer Park, NY 11729

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