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Communities like East Northport are caught in the grip of a rising drug epidemic. Like much of Long Island and Nassau county the amount of arrests and overdoses related to illicit drug use has been drastically rising. The strength and addictive potential of legal prescriptions as well as illicit street drugs has been rising quickly over the last decade. Drugs are now found in many locations, in street dealing, in schools and parks, and many in the medicine cabinets of homes and apartments. If you or a loved one is struggling with the fear and anxiety of addiction you are not alone. Please call our help-line as soon as possible and we can connect you with the help you need.

Treatment options range in both availability, length of stay, and means of payment. Most accept private or public insurance for all or partial payment. Many rehabilitation canters range from a short stay of one or two weeks up to several months for longer term patients. This is usually precluded by a stay in a detoxification center which can be a privately owned or hospital setting. The usual stay for detox is between three days and two weeks. This wide array of options can be tailored toward to the specific drug used and the severity of the addiction. We can help plan the best course of treatment for you or those you care about. No one has to face addiction alone.

The last fifteen years have seen many troubling trends in East Northport. While it’s giant neighbor, New York City, was once the main source of street drugs in the area dealers large and small have been shooting up in the local community. These drug dealing operations have latched on to the growing demand for harder and stronger substances.

After executing a search warrant in late January of 2016 eight people, including four alleged gang members, were rounded up after investigators seized $15,000 worth of heroin, crack cocaine, prescription pain killers, and marijuana. Suffolk county police officers also found a loaded hand gun, an electronic stun gun, digital scales, and an undisclosed amount of cash.

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Tuesday – 7:00 pm – Big Book Study

Thursday – 7:00 pm – Step Study Meeting

Friday – 7:00 pm – Closed Discussion

*Tradition Meeting Last Thursday

*Anniversary Meeting Last Friday

Evangelical Covenant Church 203 Cedar Road East Northport, NY 11731



Big Book Study *Tradition Group First Monday *Anniversary and Open Meeting Last Monday Meeting is in Outreach Building Basement

St. Anthony of Padau Church Outreach School 1025 5th Avenue East Northport, NY 11731



Monday – 7:30 pm – Step Group Thursday – 7:30 pm – Big Book Study

Union Methodist Church 1018 Pulaski Road East Northport, NY 11731

Narcotics Anonymous

This Must Be The Place

This meeting is open to addicts and non-addicts alike. All are welcome. This meeting invites participation by all attendees. This meeting has sharing time limited by a timer.

Long Island Lutheran Day School at St. Paul’s 106 Vernon Valley Rd, East Northport, NY 11731


Friday @ 7:30PM

Narcotics Anonymous

Steps Into the Hugs

Closed-This meeting is closed to non-addicts. You should attend only if you believe that you may have a problem with substance abuse.

Discussion-This meeting invites participation by all attendees.

Round Robin-This meeting has a fixed sharing order (usually a circle.)

Step-This meeting is focused on discussion of the Twelve Steps of NA.

Timer-This meeting has sharing time limited by a timer.

Christ Lutheran Church 189 Burr Road East Northport, NY 11731


Sunday @ 12:30PM

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The market for these drugs is dis-proportionally young. More than sixty percent of the drug overdose deaths in Suffolk county are in the 20-29 age group. The strength of heroin has increased nearly sixty percent since the early nineties, and the purity of cocaine has followed as well. In Suffolk county the total amount of overdoses has nearly tripled in the past two years.

This dangerous trend of drug abuse has not gone unnoticed by the members of this town. A local group known as “The Northport – East NorthPort Community Drug and Alcohol Task Force” has been actively attempting to recruit younger citizens. It’s aim is to educate 18-25 year olds on the dangers of drug use. They also hope to attract this age group to train them in the use of the opoid blocking drug Narcan, a medication that can reverse the effects of an overdose essentially saving the afflicteds life.

The Northport Public Library, which was the location of many of the Community Task Force meetings, was also recently the site of exactly the situation that they were trying to prevent. A 20 year old male was found overdosing from heroin in the bathroom stall of this library. Police chief Rick Bruckenthal said that the young man, who has not been identified, was saved after first responders nasally administered the drug Narcan. Bruckenthal quoted “He would be dead without it.”

Addiction is a serious disease that can have disastrous consequences. It is one of the most confusing and frustrating situations to witness or be stuck deep in the middle of. There can seem like no way out, no reason to stop, and no help to find. If you are battling with this horrifying disease you do not have to fight alone. If you know someone who is struggling themselves you do not have to sit idly by or give up on them. There is hope. Today more than ever before men and women are finding a new way to live without constant daily risks of addiction. Please call our help line today for a free assessment.

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