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The impact of dangerous drugs, addiction and alcoholism is a pressing issue that affects all levels of our society. The effect it has on the addict or alcoholic and those close to them is a heartbreaking one that at times can seem like a hopeless situation. The truth is recovery is possible, treatment is available and by calling our toll free number assistance and aid in finding the right treatment program is provided. Find rehab centers and treatment programs near Kings Park today and begin the hopeful path to recovery and healing.

Kings Park is predominantly a suburban township located on the Long Island Sound. It can be a wonderful environment to raise a family with its excellent public school district’s reputation, access to the shores for water recreation and a wide area of nature reserves. As with anywhere else, however, the youth and young adults in Kings Park can fall victim to the lure and temptation of dangerous drugs and alcohol.

The drug problem is changing nationwide. In Kings Park and elsewhere designer drugs like Molly are growing in popularity. Molly is typically sold on the streets as a, “pure,” grade of MDMA, also known as ecstasy, but when analyzed, molly, which comes in a powder form, is often found to contain any array of other substances.

Synthetic marijuana has also been an issue. Known as K2 and Spice, synthetic marijuana, which for a period of time was legal, consists of dried plant material sprayed with various chemical agents classified as synthetic cannabinoids. K2 and spice have been related to violent psychotic reactions and hospital visits here ever since it became present in the U.S.

The opioid and heroin epidemic also has a presence in Kings Park. Several tragic deaths over the recent years have had public attention. Drug abuse prevention activist, Linda Ventura, lost her son Thomas to a heroin overdose in 2012. Since then she has founded a non-profit organization called Thomas’ Hope, geared towards educating the community about the danger that heroin poses. Ms. Ventura frequently travels to Albany to advocate for change in how battling drug abuse should be approached. She pushes for reform in drug treatment services in Kings Park, the rest of Long Island and the rest of the state of New York.

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Another grassroots drug prevention education and outreach organization in Kings Park is Kings Park in the kNOw (KPITK). Kim Revere, a volunteer with KPITK since 2007 faced challenges with her son who struggled with heroin addiction. “This town is growing and kids are dying,” says Revere. “My son has been to rehab nine times; he is finally on the right track. He’s 27 years old and I will not trust him until the day I die, no matter how good he does. I don’t want another parent to have to live with that pain.”

A Suffolk County legislator, Robert Trotta, tends to believe the majority of crime on Long Island is usually drug or alcohol related in some way, “whether it be domestic abuse, a car accident, a robbery or a theft. People break into houses to get stuff to sell to get drugs. They’re not going to be paying their mortgage with it.”

Law enforcement efforts have yielded arrests of several dealers and higher level distributors but heroin is still very much present in Kings Park. The drugs are available and they aren’t going away. This is why Thomas’ Hope’s, Linda Ventura, has pushed for legislation making drug abuse rehabilitation more accessible for those who need it, calling for policies that put the authority to decide whether or not someone goes to drug treatment in the hands of medical professionals and further amended insurance law to make certain that addicts in treatment receive healthcare coverage.

The problem of dangerous drugs and alcoholism is a complicated issue with many facets and layers. It is one of the most important social concerns we face in society today. When someone is addicted they are a sick person who needs to get well, not a fundamentally bad person. Putting our brothers, sisters and sons and daughters and loved ones behind bars is not a solution. The only solution is to provide the medical and psychological treatment addicts and alcoholics need in order to heal them. As mentioned previously, so much of all crime is somehow linked to drugs and alcohol. If we as a culture can chip away at the power drugs and alcohol have over people, we can also move towards solving related societal problems. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction or alcoholism please don’t delay and call our toll free number so recovery and healing can begin.

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