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In this era the problem of dangerous drugs is being approached in a new way. The old model of zero tolerance and harsh legal punishment is giving way to an emphasis on treating the disease of addiction. For years addiction and alcoholism has been treated as a disease that has both physical and mental components. In 1956 the American Medical Association officially defined alcoholism as a disease. In 1991 it was put under a dual classification affirming it has attributes that pertain to both the psychiatric and the medical field. This theory has also been applied to addiction to other substances. Drug addiction is presently a widespread concern in America. The number of deaths from drug overdoses has been continually rising over the past several years. Drug dependence can seem like a hopeless and futile condition, but there is hope. For those living in Lake Grove, New York, inpatient treatment centers, outpatient programs and drug counseling are accessible for those suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism. Call our toll free number to review numerous treatment options in the Lake Grove area today.

Lake Grove, a small town in Suffolk County on Long Island in New York, like most everywhere, has it’s own war story when it comes to the battle against drug abuse and alcoholism. Certainly it has not been unaffected by the nationwide spike in heroin use and opiate addiction. All too often the case occurs where a person may be prescribed prescription painkillers for whatever reason, like post surgery pain, injuries, chronic or temporary pain or for some other condition and then they may develop a dependence on their prescriptions. Many prescription pain drugs contain the opioid oxycodone. This is a highly addictive substance closely related to heroin. Once addiction takes hold it is very difficult to cease using oxycodone or other opioids without help.

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When prescription opioids like Percocet or Vicodin aren’t available to someone who has developed a habit, many will seek other means to attain the high. Heroin is cheap and abundant on Long Island because of its close proximity to New York City and it produces the same euphoric high the prescription painkillers do. Therefore, heroin becomes a tempting solution to satisfy the need. In this tell tale manner a high number of people are becoming heroin users at an alarming rate.

Unfortunately, basic greed has led a number of doctors in recent years to write prescriptions for and distribute pain pills illegally for financial gain. In 2014 a Long Island doctor by the name of Dr. Michael Randall was charged with illegal distribution of controlled prescription medications. Allegedly he wrote hundreds of prescriptions for opioid painkillers for his patients when there wasn’t any legitimate medical purpose.

As drug addiction rises in Lake Grove so does the tragic reality of overdoses and deaths. To save lives first responders and EMTs are making use of Narcan, a drug that can reverse the effects of a heroin overdose, but this tactic can only go so far. The addict is someone who is suffering from an illness and until the cause of that illness is addressed saving someone with Narcan is only the equivalent of putting a bandaid on a wound.

Among teens and young adults the popularity of heroin is gaining ground steadily. About ten years ago the cost of heroin was close to twice as expensive. The drug has dropped in price. The purity of heroin in Lake Grove and throughout Long Island has increased. Along with the fact that it has been made fairly easy to obtain there is a recipe for tragedy brewing. Heroin, as well as cocaine, hard drugs that have been a threat in the New York City area for decades are coming back and resurfacing in a big way. A need to revamp drug education in public schools is apparent. Something needs to be done to teach children at an early age how dangerous these drugs can be and have it resonate as an important life lesson that sinks in.

For those in the grips of addiction or alcoholism it is important to know that one need not face the dark times alone. Help, support and compassion can be as close as a phone call away. Call our toll free number to start the road to recovery now.

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