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Drugs and alcohol are the cause of much chaos and heartbreak in our society. Addiction can take hold of a person and change them into someone they’re not. A once loving son or daughter or friend or spouse can turn into a shadow of their former selves and the person you once knew will seem to be hidden behind a veil of appalling behavior and helplessness. These individuals are sick and suffering from a mental and physical disease. Addicts and alcoholics are ill and they have lost control of their lives, but this dark path to oblivion can be reversed and a path to recovery can begin. Help is out there. It’s only as far as a phone call away. No one has to face addiction alone. Your start to your journey to lasting sobriety can start today. Please, call our toll free number now.

The town of Lake Ronkonkoma is situated next to Long Island’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Ronkonkoma. The appeal of the large body of water is ideal for summer vacationers and Lake Ronkonkoma was once a resort town. After a population boom of full time residents that occurred about fifty years ago the tourism died down and Lake Ronkonkoma became the quiet town in Suffolk County it is today. Legend has it that the spirit of Native American Princess Ronkonkoma lures young men out into the lake and drowns them, claiming their lives. Although this is clearly only an interesting piece of local folklore, in reality there is something that is claiming lives in Ronkonkoma. That something is alcoholism and drug addiction.

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Tuesdays From 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Meeting Type B = Beginners meeting

Tuesdays From 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Meeting Type BB = Big Book meeting

Tuesdays From 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Meeting Type C = Closed Discussion meeting

Tuesdays From 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Meeting Type S = Step meeting

Fridays From 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Meeting Type O = Open meeting

United Methodist Church 792 Hawkins Avenue, NY 11779

Narcotics Anonymous

Steps by the Lake

This meeting is open to addicts and non-addicts alike. All are welcome. This meeting is focused on discussion of the Basic Text of Narcotics Anonymous. This meeting has a fixed sharing order (usually a circle.) This meeting is focused on discussion of the Twelve Steps of NA. This meeting is wheelchair accessible.

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church 315 Lake Shore Rd, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779


Saturday @ 10AM

Phoenix Houses – Edward D. Miller Center

Our Women’s Residential Program prepares adults to lead healthy, drug-free lives. We provide substance abuse treatment services, individual counseling, peer support and group therapy, as well as relapse prevention and life skills training. On-site support services include vocational, educational, medical, dental, and psychiatric care.

The Mother and Child Program supplies a nurturing environment for women who enter substance abuse treatment while pregnant or caring for young children (up to two years old). While mothers engage in treatment activities, their children are cared for at our on-site Child Development Center, where they receive developmental evaluations and pediatric care. Treatment focuses on behavioral change, relapse prevention, developing parenting skills, reuniting families, and rebuilding family relationships.

Treatment at our Men’s Program involves individual and group counseling as well as the evidence-based therapeutic interventions that address specific client needs. The Men’s program allows clients to redefine who they are as human beings while addressing views on manhood/rites of passage. Counseling sessions allow our residents to articulate their feelings appropriately.

153 Lake Shore Road Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

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Like elsewhere on Long Island and all around the country the spike in heroin use amongst young people is disturbing, to say the least. Not only is heroin a pressing issue of concern, but drugs one would expect only to find in the inner cities like crack cocaine have made their way into the Long Island communities. In 2015 there were alarmingly more than one hundred ER hospital visits related to heroin or cocaine in the small town of Lake Ronkonkoma alone. Drug addiction and alcoholism is definitely a serious problem of increasing concern.

Teenagers and young adults are beginning experimentation with drugs and alcohol at younger ages in this era. According to survey figures from Lake Ronkonkoma most of those who have used illegal drugs began using them between the ages of 18 and 25 years old. This is also a typical age when young people begin drinking alcohol.

Along with drug addiction comes a host of other criminal activities. Thefts and burglaries are occurring, carried out by addicts who are desperate for money to buy substances with. Impaired driving is the other related problem at hand. In Lake Ronkonkoma, on several occasions, drunk drivers have crashed into the lake itself. It’s not a joke. In 2013 a pedestrian was killed after being struck by a drunk driver in Lake Ronkonkoma. Tragedies like this do not have to .happen. Deaths like these can be avoided when the issue of addiction and alcoholism is fully addressed by all.

When it comes to deaths from drug overdoses, first responders and medical professionals have been using Narcan, a medicine that can reverse the deadly effects of an opiate overdose, to save lives. This past April, April of 2015, three individuals were spared after being treated with Narcan while they were overdosing on heroin. Some believe that the availability of Narcan takes away an incentive for addicts to stop using. Still, the chances of being revived with Narcan are not one hundred percent and there is never any telling what the circumstances may be, if EMTs will arrive in time or what the outcome will be. Those revived with Narcan are still having a very near death experience and it should be looked at as a second chance and a wake up call to get clean.

Everyday addicts and alcoholics who once had no hope for redemption are finding their way into treatment and getting clean. It’s not impossible. It’s possible. For information about options with rehab centers and treatment programs in the Lake Ronkonkoma area call our toll free number today. A new and better life is waiting in recovery and sobriety.

Call Us Today! (844) 231-1988 Help is Waiting.