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Addiction to drugs and alcohol can consume every aspect of someone’s life to the point where what really matters most is compromised. People suffering from addiction may have started out just using drugs and alcohol innocently, perhaps as a coping mechanism, which often quickly spirals out of control and before it is recognized, the addiction process has begun. Certain behaviors and patterns start to form. Most addictions stem from the home where traumatic experiences may have taken place. The process of the disease most likely will introduce most to harsh drugs such as crack, cocaine, and heroin. The reality of it all is that it’s common for the disease to progress all before the tender age of 21.

Those struggling with addiction will still try to lead somewhat normal lifestyles by continuing education, holding down a decent job, and starting a family. After a while the addiction takes full control rendering the person seemingly powerless and staying clean and sober is nonexistent. As addiction runs its course, a string of unfortunate events tends to take place. For instance, domestic violence and robbery may, or generally endangering one’s life and public safety. Once rock bottom hits, humility and overall respect for one’s self is forfeited. This stage in the addiction may leave one without the support of their family and eventually homeless. This can become a vicious and unbreakable cycle for most.

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Narcotics Anonymous


This meeting is closed to non-addicts. You should attend only if you believe that you may have a problem with substance abuse. This meeting is lead by a speaker, then opened for participation by attendees. This meeting is focused on discussion of the Twelve Steps of NA. This is a discussion of the NA book Living Clean -The Journey Continues.

St. Marks Church
40 Main St, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978, United States


Wednesday 7:30-8:30PM

Seafield Center

Seafield Center is a 90-bed detox and inpatient rehabilitation program for adult men and women and adolescents over the age of 16. When a client arrives at Seafield they will receive a thorough medical assessment. Protocol for detox will be established at this time. Nurses are available 24 hours every day.
Seafield Center
7 Seafield Lane
Westhampton Beach, NY 11978

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The life of a young Westhampton man of 21 was recently saved when responding officers used Narcan after he had stopped breathing due to an apparent overdose on an opiate. A man and young woman, 33 and 26 years old respectively, were found sitting inside a car that was blocking an intersection on a Saturday morning. Both were arrested. The young woman had heroin in her possession and the man had had his license revoked for an alcohol-related offense. Though they were both arraigned later that morning and released on bail, they were scheduled to return to court the following week. This is but a glimpse into the vicious cycle of addiction. Drugs and alcohol lower awareness and the temporary need for drugs or alcohol outweigh the downside.

The good new is there is help. Treatment and rehabilitation is available and achievable. It is possible to break the cycle and have a changed life. There are several resources within Westhampton Beach and the surrounding areas. Fortunately there are some people that experience breakthroughs and the road to recovery is promising. This is a step that poses to be extremely difficult. It is a far more difficult process to recover than it is to become an addict. An addict must recognize that there is a problem and wanting to change must be established. Next, seeking professional help and checking into a treatment center needs to happen as soon as possible to prevent any relapse. Most treatment centers work with a wide variety of health care providers to make sure proper care and assessment is received. Most likely a 12-step program will be set in place that caters to the person’s specific needs. This type of assistance allows for one to get back on track successfully. Successful outcomes include reuniting with family and friends, starting new relationships, and an increase in quality family life.

The last step in the recovery process is to heal and regain control of one’s life again. The main elements of treatment are the detoxification and rehabilitation, which can be as diverse as the patients it serves. People that have struggled with addiction truly start to heal when they have accepted that they cannot change their past and truly let it go, moving on to a brighter future full of possibility. Long Island Addiction Resources is determined to help find effective treatment, regardless off obstacles old and new. The past does not have to determine the future.

Call Long Island Addiction Resources now for free and take those critical steps towards health, well-being, and a promising future. Finding treatment that best serves you or your loved one is paramount to getting better and maintaining stability and wellness. Don’t let roadblocks to treatment stand in your way. We are here to help you gain access to the tools necessary to overcome addiction.

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