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The Everyday Lifestyle Damage from Addiction

Lifestyle damage from addiction.

Much has been reported over the past year about the overdoses and other medical issues associated with drug addiction—and rightly so. It is, indeed, true that overdoses are at crisis proportions and that the opioid epidemic has become one of the nation’s leading public health issues. Residents of Long Island are experiencing the opioid crisis’ effects particularly hard; however, it’s also worth examining the everyday lifestyle damage of addiction and the daily struggles that those who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse encounter. Understanding this lifestyle fallout can directly inform customization of treatment protocol and help patients to heal in a more complete way.

One of the most glaring examples of the pervasive lifestyle damage of addiction is the deterioration of family and relationships. The longer substance abuse persists the more, users will pursue drugs or alcohol to the detriment of everything else in their lives, including their friends and loved ones; this may include everything from manipulation and deception to negligence and flat-out aggression. If this behavior is left unaddressed, users will soon find themselves estranged from everyone they care about as they endeavor to maintain their lives in the face substance abuse. Loved ones of addicts can only do so much to prove their committed to getting them help.

Financial difficulty and job loss is also a part of the everyday lifestyle damage of addiction. As substance abuse escalates it becomes harder and harder for users to maintain their careers and jobs. At the same time, they’re likely spending more and more of their savings on drugs to avoid withdrawal. Many drug and alcohol abusers eventually wind up homeless and destitute. Another example of the lifestyle damage of addiction is incarceration and legal issues. In order to avoid these lifestyle pitfalls, drug and alcohol abusers should treatment for their conditions immediately. There’s absolutely no shame in asking for help.

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